Bluefire Academy Portugal

"Everything you need is already inside you". Let's ignite potential together.


I have been teaching physical education for more than 20 years. During my P.E. lessons I often wish there was more time with the pupils, to work together in a smaller group, coach them, and create an environment where they take the next step in their development, building their self-esteem, for them to thrive and grow. Content driven curricula do not always allow for this attention to individuals and therefore I wanted to develop something extra, to contribute to the well-being of children in a deliberate and balanced manner. We strive to offer an addition to regular school programs, creating activities children can do outside of school timetables, in a unique tailor-made setting, where they can take their next step towards becoming the best possible version of themselves.


We organize courses, action days, coaching sessions and camps. Our main goal is to help children move towards their full potential. Building a stronger self-esteem that will be better equipped to shape everyday life. This will be accessed through fun activities and challenges. Through experience and reflection, we get closer to our own blue fire.


When positive self-belief, self-efficacy and self-reflection align, we have a solid and secure foundation of being. The strength and belief in yourself will determine outcomes and options of all future events. It is our vision that stronger, robust selves have more energy and resilience which can be used to connect, to choose and to create. Make our world a better place, one person at a time.


Everyone is most welcome. We work with individuals, groups and even complete school classes. All activities are set for children from age 9 to 14. Everyone can benefit from acquiring new skills through play and reflection, most of all, the ones that need an extra push, a mirror or just that little bit extra belief in themselves to meet the challenges of everyday life. Think about; being teased, increase communication skills, making contact or wanting to stand your ground more. When we know what you would like to develop, that becomes our focus. We’ll move forward together.

"You can discover more about a person in an hour of play than a year of conversation". - Plato

Our Services


In eight sessions we experience the foundation of the Rock&Water program. The method has a psycho-physical approach and aims at increasing social competencies. We focus on body awareness, emotional awareness and self-awareness. The concepts ‘Rock’ and ‘Water’ are used as a metaphor throughout the program to explore and choose different forms of communication in order to empower our participants to respond to social challenges in a fitting manner. ‘Rock’ stands for knowing to stand up for yourself and your beliefs. ‘Water’ is the connecting element and represents respect and connection. 


BlueFire Academy Days and BlueFire Academy Weeks are full day/week programs in which our group will experience a good variety of outdoor activities. We use the surroundings to set the stage for our adventures. Programs will be adapted to the possibilities of various locations. Even though all activities will be fun, engaging and even exciting, the main goal will always remain priority; to build better foundations for positive self-esteems. Please see our upcoming events below to know the dates for the next events that are planned.

"If you feel safe and at home in your body, you will feel safe and at home wherever you are". - Freerk Ykema


07 May

Action Academy Day

  • 10:00
  • Guincho

The event starts at 10.00 and ends at 14.00 pm. During the day we are focused on personal development for children through outdoor adventures. Our program is a combination of construction and creativity, individual and team challenges linked together with goal setting and reflection. When we know what you would like to develop for your child, that becomes our focus.

03 Jul

BlueFire Academy Summer Week

  • 09:30
  • Guincho

Our Summer Week will run from the 3rd of July until the 7th of July 2023. We will be doing water activities, team sports, designing & building various objects, personal physical challenges and playing games. Besides having fun, we aim to reach a deeper layer of learning, aiming to inspire personal development.


Daniel van Dijk

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Born and raised in the Netherlands, I am a Physical Education teacher by heart and trade. My work life so far, has brought me to a great variety of educational settings, from coaching competitive gymnastics to lecturing in higher education. 

In my life as an educator, I can say that motivation is key in all the things we do and motivation is always embedded in context. It has the power to provoke or inhibit learning. I can bring it back to a mantra, I teach by: “feeling safe increases repetition and challenge evokes change”. Let’s create desirable contexts to learn and grow!

My search in helping others to become the best version of themselves keeps me inspired to invest in my own development. In 2018, I certified as a Rock& Water coach and this training strengthted my skill set to help others to get to, where they would like to go with their lives.

For any tailor-made services or questions, feel very welcome to contact us.